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A double serving of Indian

I normally see Heer in ChCh where she tours regularly, so is was with some delight that I noticed she happened to be in Welly coincident with a trip I had scheduled there. It was with even more delight once I'd seen the profile of her touring partner! Yum - what a cutie! A couple of chats and a little bit of rearranging and we were all set for some double trouble!

They were staying at Welly CBD hotel / appt tower without a reception which works quite well in that situation as I think it's quite common to feel a bit self conscious walking through reception for an encounter. There was a free park for me right at the front door which was very welcome. I had my instructions and I wandered up to the room where I found the door open so I helped myself inside and called out whereupon my two gorgeous playmates appeared from around the corner. Now Heer is gorgeous and I love the way she looks and her touring companion is the perfect compliment, a fraction more petite I guess and a little darker skinned, two super cuties and it is hard to feel more like a champ than with one wrapped up in each arm!

It was the end of the day and end of the tour so makeup and hair-dos be damned and we all hit the shower together for an all round slap and tickle session to get acquainted and all warmed up. Oh what fun it was getting hot and steamy and sliding around with those two.

Before long we are back in the room and straight into it. Lots of combinations of BJs and cowgirl and daty and queening, lots of 2 on 1 action. Then up for a bit of doggy with these two beautiful brown booties shaking their tails feathers at me, which one first ? What's a man to do ?! Talk about quality problems! Anyway everyone got a good seeing to before we all collapsed spent and fulfilled. As something of a regular to Heer I think she did enjoy watching me fucking another lady - it certainly seemed to elicit some giggles

I spent the remaining time lying back chatting with a cutie tucked under each arm feeling like king of the world. Then we hit the shower again.......

Thx honeys!



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