a legend

This review is from Heer's last South Island tour, so is a little while back. It had been etched in my mind because of her absolute professionalism and commitment to providing a top service, even when she had every reason to have opted out. Heer is all class.

I had been keeping in touch with Heer on and off since last time she toured to Blenheim . . She blew my mind that time and she left it spinning this time!

When she set the dates this time I was quick to make a booking (you can't miss out seeing ladies of this quality when they tour here as infrequently as they do!)

Anyway the day before we talk and it turns out she had a badly sprained ankle, she is really worried that I'd be bothered by the fact she can't wear her heals!! ( not even remotely an issue!) Turns out she had missed a step getting off the plane and rolled it right over, it was really swollen, starting to bruise and must have been really painful.

I had booked for a couple of hours so we had a chance to catch up (Heer loves to talk!!) I wasn't sure she should even do the booking, after looking at her ankle. . . But she was more than into it. She never at any stage gave less than 100% and to be honest Heer at 25% would probably have been more than enough for me to handle!

Anyone that has met Heer would agree that she has an amazing personality, is extremely positive and is a bundle of sexual energy that is hard to keep up with (but definitely not hard to keep up for!!)

Her tongue!!! OMG . . This was months ago but I can still picture her on top of me with her tongue snaking it's way towards mine. . It was like being devoured and it was soooo fine!! I love kissing and I was in heaven!!

She had me at the edge of ecstasy for so long . . . It was spine tingling stuff, the way that toned body moved so gracefully on top of mine, those beautiful boobies at times smothering me at other times being just teasingly out of reach.

Heer you are absolutely bloody amazing I am really sorry this review has taken so long. I had decided to stop reviewing, but you went above and beyond as far as I am concerned. I know you were in a fair amount of discomfort and is a real credit to your professionalism that you made the two hours just an absolute dream!

Hopefully you are all healed up now!! Thank you so much

Heer. . . An absolute bloody legend in my eyes!



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