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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Fair to say i have seen more than my share of Wg,s , in fact I may have seen more in the last six months than some see in a life time .partly because I have the time and a HUGE and growing overdraft

I always amazes me how every girl can be just a little bit different to the other , so it's unfair to say one is better than another , it just depends on your expectations and desires.

It's also my policy to give a review of any one who exceeds my expectations in some way .

My property manager has a quote on the bottom of her mail -

" the best compliment your can give me , is to recommend me to your friends "

So : Heer we go ...(pun) .......

I first became aware of Heer , from her feature on Nzg , I noted she looked outstanding in the photos ,

Left me thinking she is to good to be true , after all we've all seen great photos , to find the reality some what " deflating" , so I was a bit skeptical about the validity of the images .

Surely they had been photo shopped right ?

Another attraction , was the issue of " squirting" , some thing that is often featured in pornos , where the girl either has her vaginal cavity fill with milk or water , and then with a strong contraction , ejects the fluid with a great rush . Some say it's just a lot of piss , easy to say I guess , not having experienced it like on film , I was curios never the less .

So first things first :

Appearance - let me make this abundantly clear , I met her and i can personally testify to the validity of what I'm about to tell you all ,!

Three words .......A maz Ing...

Her face .........just beautiful , her eyes were like two suns on a clear day , just radiant .

Her lips .........absolutely kissable , and I did .....a lot !

She is so genuinely stunning , I think she probably wouldn't need make up , to make any man proud to have her on his arm .....I would !

A great butt ....

And her breasts .............three more words .....fab u less.....

At first I thought , ok look great , probably man made ......let me say , these are possibly the most delightful pair yet seen , totally natural , totally perky.....firm , rounded ................sigh.....lovely !

Ok , probably sounds like a quality inspection at a meat market , ok , but this forum is about sex of any type , mostly about men enjoying the company of beautiful women .!!

And now the part I am busting to share ,

Let me state , I am prepared to put $1000.00 on the table to challenge any one to prove I am telling porkies from here on !!!!

SQUIRTING : this was a phenomena , I have never witnessed the likes before !

Often promised , seldom if ever delivered .

I did a bit of research on the subject last night , to determine if this is real , and how it happens .

I won't bore you with the biology of it all, but it was a real, not piss or whatever !

I am almost lost for words to describe how this impressed me !

With a small assistance from my self , and on command to strategically with draw ,I viewed a sudden and HUGE jet of fluid whooosh past my face , up in the air and splatter on the wall behind the bed above the head board , I'm 5:10 and I recon it will have been at eye level .!!!!!

I kid you Not !!! ( I got a bit on my face - wasn't pee )

I was speechless , no bullshit , I would pay money just to see this again - and I will !

It happened so quickly I almost missed it , brilliant , marvelous, out standing , what words can I use to to describe it .......WOW ..........just wow .

We vacated to the shower together , where I got instantly hard again , having this heavenly body next to me , well ........I got off straight away !

After we ( me) caught my breath , we sat together on the bed and had a little chat , I like this because it's when you find out about the person behind the body . I find the easiest way to find out a bout a lady is to just listen .

I found Heer to be a lovely lady , she has a inner warmth , a soft center , feelings , she wants to be the best she can , and considering she has only been doing this for about 9-10 months , she's doing well.

So if any of you give her a hard time I'm going to around to your place with a packet of blunt sticks and stick em in your eyes .....OK !

Summary , I just can't wait for her to get her own place again , this time I'm taking snorkel and goggles and get real up close for the repeat performance !

Heer , thank you so much for your time this morning , I am genuinely impressed with your talent , truly I am .when you get your own place again , I'm up for a re run .,



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