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awesome heer

I normally refrain from giving reviews but once in a while when someone really touches a chord inside me I feel inclined to share my thoughts with the outside world. This was one such moment…..

I had the privilege of meeting the great Heer for the very first time on the 10th of September in Auckland and I can only question myself why didn’t I do so earlier.

What can I say about this magnificent lady that hasn’t already been said before? What adjectives should I use to describe her that has not been mentioned in these columns earlier? To label her simply as a courtesan would be a grave injustice as she is so much more than that. Incredibly chatty and friendly she puts you at ease the moment you meet - and that nature of hers is not pretentious. It is genuine, it is Heer at her natural bubbly self. Having come from the Indian sub-continent that she has left behind she exudes a certain sort of charm and mystique that is both alluring and exotic like Oriental magic.

I will not go into details as to what transpired in the bed in the hour-long session that I spent with her because that would be pointless. Words don’t come easy to me and, besides, everyone who has met her will have experienced similar feelings of exhilaration and fulfillment as I did. I would just like to reveal one important detail. In my late 50's – actually touching close to 60 – and with an increasingly erectile dysfunctional problem – I did not think I would be able to make it with this remarkable lady. Boy, was I wrong? Her amazing skills – both oral and otherwise – had me gushing out like a fountain at the end and it was a crescendo that I have not experienced for a very long time. What can I say about those astonishing breasts that is a joy to behold and a punter’s dream and something that has been discussed and raved about by almost every single reviewer here?

To those of you who have never met her before I can only say this: get on that phone and make an appointment. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! And another piece of advice: be nice and courteous to her and she will deliver 110 per cent – and more. Seriously. Her incredible reputation speaks for itself. I have frequented many flesh-pots in Asia over the years and met some truly fabulous ladies who have helped me with my ED predicament but this is one fascinating lady who, to my mind, has raised the bar yet again.

As for this writer, well, this writer is the latest addition to the Heer Fan Club!

Thank you, Heer, thank you very much for the wonderful experience for bringing my youth back to me again. You are truly remarkable.

I will definitely be coming back.



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