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Heer we go again!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

After reading the steadily improving reviews regarding Heer, mostly in the Akl escort review section. So thought I would give her a second chance, and contacted her via text at reasonably short notice having found myself up north with a window of opportunity opening up to be mischievous.

The question that needed answering was had Heer indeed raised the bar and upped her game as the reviews had implied?!

Well the short answer is FUCK YESSSSSS

Slightly longer answer/explanation would include:-

Lovely smile

Better attitude, more focus on the client

Squirting here there and everywhere

Topnotch BJ (In fact I thought she may have had a lesson from one of my favourite lovely ladies in Chch, it was that good!)

I think she has been working out as well as she’s more toned now than before (unlike yours truly = unfit bastard by comparison)

More positions than you could shake a stick or cock at as well

Up to the allotted time we were still going at it right up to the bell followed by a cooling off/rehydration period and wind down chat. (This is important as for the sake of 5 or 10 minutes worth you leave with a spring in ones step and a warm fluffy feeling inside as all those hormones rush around your system . Err not in this case I was a tad knacked after, to raise even a heal, Oh yeah! This is one of the main advantages of seeing an independent lady as opposed to a brothel in my opinion.)

So in summary, Heer has listened and learnt. She gave me a top notch service, including anal, which normally isn’t my thing - however my bell end on this occasion went ahead anyway when it was suggested!

Going forward, forget SCIRT, CERA,and EQC etc, what Christchurch needs is Heer to visit and sort us out!

Laters, keep smiling


PS She’s got a lovely pair of thruppennys as well!



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