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lost for words

So, I went to see Heer on Monday evening, and since then I have been thinking about what I wanted to say about my time with her.

I could have rushed back to my hotel and written down all the sordid details, but instead I decided to wait because of something Heer and I discussed.

Punters don't go to visit escorts because they are beautiful (though Heer is), or because the sex is great (though it was) or because of any single thing. Instead, we (they? I'm sure others will chime in if they disagree) go for the overall experience. So I decided to wait a couple of days to see what stuck in my memory the most.

Perhaps surprisingly the first thing that springs to mind is Heer's laugh. Infectious and unashamed, the thought of her laugh still makes me smile. I was fortunate enough to hear it a lot during my time with her, and we spent almost as long talking as we did doing other things.

She is beautiful - exotic and amazingly made-up, with an A-MAZ-ING body. She asked me if I was a boob or bum man, attributes that Heer has in plenty. I have always thought of myself as more of a breast connoisseur but having been up close and personal with her amazing butt I am now having a crisis of conscience. Everything I thought I knew was a lie.

Heer describes her service as more Girlfriend and sensual than Pornstar and raunchy, but none of my Girlfriends ever acted like that. Hot oil body slides....Need I say more? Heer rolled her eyes when she talked about people who had described her as a Goddess - but perhaps a High Priestess who worships at the altar of sexual pleasure and is worshipped in turn - would be more acceptable.

Her tattoos are removed from her pictures for privacy but they are artistic and add to her allure rather than distracting from it When I close my eyes I can still picture her, though the fine details are beginning to fade, just as she said they would.

But when all else is gone I think the memory of her laugh will remain, like the Cheshire Cat's grin and that will bring a smile to my face far more readily than recollection of sexual adventures past.



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