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Well firstly [Heer] was full of surprises for me. She looked hot, definitely has been working out, she was wearing sexy gold dress which showed off her ass and ample cleavage which i soon buried my head in , yum motor-boating. Had a quick shower and she got me to lie down on the bed and gave me a massage. Her massage skills have improved 10-fold, she even commented on how she thought my right shoulder was more tense than the left, that's true my right shoulder, elbow and wrist get sore, too much computer and wanking i guess ha. After the massage she covered my back in oil and used those fun-bags of hers rubbing my ass and back with them and kissing my ears. She rolled me over and repeated the same on the front. The sight of those melons rubbing my cock was driving me crazy. She gave my nipples tender kisses and a few bites ,shit that felt good. On to some DATY , legs spread wide and away i went. My turn next for a bit of pleasure , she gave me a great BJ kissing my balls and sucking my shaft all the way down. Then came the biggest surprise of all, she asked me if i had ever seen a woman squirt before. I said only in movies. She put a condom on my two biggest fingers ,lubed it up and instructed me on what to do. Inserted my fingers in her with them bent upwards and fucked her with them while she rubbed her clit. She was going off , telling me to go faster or slower then yelled at me take them out, i pulled them out and the same time she was squirting everywhere, never seen anything like it before, great stuff. On to the main event, lets just say full of energy, lots of positions, Kamasutra is her thing, lots of passionate kissing. She wanted to get to 10 positions but i only made it to 4 before I exploded exhausted.

Overall I had a great time, no rushing, lots of laughs, maybe talked a bit to much for me at the start, but some people may like that. She showed to me she has improved her service since going Indy and wants to build a good name for herself so she can get repeat business.



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