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a force of nature

I have been away for most of the year so far but just happened to get back into Wellington last weekend which also just so happened to coincide with Heer's first visit to the capital of the year. I had never met Heer before but have conversed with her by PM.

So I strolled along Lambton Quay and made my way to her apartment. Seems to be a favourite location for visiting ladies and is very WG friendly I am told. Anyway, Heer, what can I say that hasn't been said before. Nothing really, so I will just give you the JC perspective on my hour (and more) with her.

She is dynamic, enthusiastic, forthright, in absolutely fantastic shape and can talk. Oh how she can talk. I have always made an effort to be presentable whenever I meet any lady but with Heer I would suggest that it is a pre-requisite. She has very high standards and by meeting them the ice is broken and the fun begins. She also knows exactly what she wants out of any meeting with a client and by doing so really adds to the enjoyment by both sides.

Did I say she is in fantastic shape? Yes, but I will say it again as she certainly maintains her body incredibly well. Her photos give the impression of a more voluptuous figure but in reality she is slim and strong and topped off with her incredible breasts.

I had a wonderfully stimulating, mentally demanding and physically exhausting hour (and a bit more) with Heer. She is a force of nature and not for the faint hearted but oh so worth it. In summary she reminds me a lot of Yana so a very high standard has been set.

Thank you for a lovely time Heer and look forward to more encounters in the future.

Justin Cyder


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