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An out of body experience

I'm sitting in my car looking at my watch and wondering what just happened. My watch says only an hour has elapsed since I parked up and the clock in the car also confirms this. But how is this possible? It feels like I just spent several hours, maybe longer, with the magical Heer and yet I haven't. I'm also thoroughly exhausted yet elated with that tingle of exaltation dancing over my body having just spent an amazing hour (apparently) with Heer in her apartment. I cast my mind back to earlier in the day...

I already had a booking with another well known lady earlier in the day but owing to illness it had been cancelled and now I was wondering what to do with my sudden free time. Heer was already on my must see list so I chanced my arm and sent her a text. Lady luck was on my side as I hit the jackpot, she was available later that evening and her last booking of the day.

Arriving on time I'm texted her room number and up I go to be met by the gorgeous Heer. A dark eyed beauty of beguiling grace and charm she invites me in and immediately she casts a spell over me. Heer's apartment is nice and comfy, no massage table as she uses the bed. The separate bathroom is nice and clean as well. The whole set up including location and the fact it's just you and Heer gives it a big tick for discretion.

Through the shower and onto the bed (no plastic sheets which was a relief) and I must say I didn't really notice much difference between a bed and a table in so far as a sensual massage goes.

Heer really knows her stuff and her massage technique is right up there with the best. You quickly realise you are in the hands of a master enchantress, especially when things get pretty kinky very quickly and its not long before I'm being taken on a magical journey which seemed to defy all the laws of time and space.

Now Heer doesn't use levitation to make a guy's butt rise off the bed. No Heer simply commands you to assume the position and, as I was already under her spell, I willingly obeyed. Kneeling in a sort of downward facing dog pose and giving complete control over to Heer as she goes to work back there. In this moment time and space appeared to merge together and I was in a world that you can only imagine exists in the realm of Kamasutra and it was fitting that I was kneeling before my Queen (albeit facing away). I was a little relieved there were no mirrors as I can only imagine the sight but, oh how good it felt... I did however look back between my legs to see Heer working her magic in a way that appeared designed to add a few extra inches to my old fella, and at no extra charge!

As I was looking back between my legs I caught sight of something truly magical and oh how I yearned to just reach out and grab it. Like a kaleidoscope of intense colours and light merging and separating and then merging again and all I wanted was to be able dive into this pool of pure bliss but just as I was about to Heer commanded me to roll over and as exhilarated as I was, I willingly did as I was told. Lying on my back, still delirious and longing for more of the magical colours I'd just experienced, and eager for what was still to come.

Heer is now in full swing and she's taking things into a whole new genre as it just keeps getting kinkier and kinkier. There's so much of everything and I really am overwhelmed and before long Heer's using her magical powers to alter reality and suddenly I lying in a valley, a beautiful valley with the smoothest surface I've ever seen. On either side of me are two enormous mountains equally as smooth but somehow frightening, imposing yet conveying the potential for unbelievable pleasure (or total destruction). Only this is an upside down world and I'm looking straight up into the valley and the mountains are on either side of me! Before I know it I'm being consumed by these joyous mountains and Heer's positively encouraging me and I comply with everything I've got. Its all I can do to breath such are the enormity and firmness of these mountains. I do my best to get hold of them and enjoy them for all of their glory and my efforts are rewarded and very soon I'm seeing the pool of amazing colours and light again. I dive in and try to swim to the centre and just when I think I'll make it Heer takes over again and in the blink of an eye she's changed the position and taking me in a whole new direction and this one is worth waiting for!

Heer is facing away from me now and she's doing things to me, good things, amazing things, oh my god such fantastic things and now I'm being drenched in bright colours and blinding light and I realise I can't hold on any longer. I take a deep breath and open my eyes and I see Heer with her beautiful arched back facing me and I reach up and run my hands up her spine, caressing her, as she continues to take the levels up and up. There's a lot of movement and I mean a lot! I run my hands back down her back and hold onto her hips, her amazing hips, so firm and strong and I tighten my grip because things just keep getting faster and faster and I really do need to hold on now for fear I might be thrown off the bed!

The vibrations are incredible! It's as if my whole body is being shaken, deliberately, ruthlessly, repeatedly and it feels so, so, good. I've never had this done before and its hard to explain. But it's as if I'm being caressed from head to toe at incredible speeds and every muscle, every fiber, every cell in my body is being bathed in pleasure. This intense pleasurable experience is just getting more and more and Heer just keeps on going and I know the end is near and there it is, a giant kaleidoscope of colour and light and I'm heading straight into it and I can't wait.

Its like an explosion and I'm absolutely drenched in colour and intense light and like a drowning man I raise my hand up as I sink into the pool of colour, not sad and disappointed but oh so happy and contented. Minutes pass and I'm just floating, relaxed and at peace.

I must have passed out because now Heer's standing next to me and she's wiping me down and helping me up. She seems in no rush so we chat for a while and we have such a great conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed her company and I'm really looking forward to our next time bending appointment.

Fantastic Heer, really fantastic!



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