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Another explosive hour...

Whilst on holiday down south I spotted Miss Heers touring schedule pop up, needless to say with memories of past visits to this delightful lass it didn't take much to entice my thought pattern and with brief contact we had yet a other consult sorted.

Usual method of text early in the day and we were well on track for an appointment early afternoon. Location is always easy to find with easy parking and a discrete entrance, and I no sooner had parked and Heer was welcoming me in a little early for a brief catch up and a cuppa tea ! As always this little lass just gets better by the visit and we soon settle into a routine designed for SM, you have just got to experience this ... it's almost to die for. Heer has really honed her skillset over the years and when her lingham style is slowly introduced it's almost like time stands still.

Heer has honed her skills in such a way that she had this AF veteran almost levitating off the bed with her edging ability. If you've visited this gorgeous little lass more than once you fellas will know what I mean. Turn over time and now things are really starting to heat up with this stunning women, her dark flashing eyes oiled globes and with Heers persuasive style I was soon slowly being taken by this lady's exquisite skills as she rode me hard to the finish line. Have got to say Heer just gets better and better with time and she has developed a skill for reading her clients so well, guess this is also tantamount to the way in which she is treated, which in my book is nothing more than total respect and politeness as a client.

Our hour was over in what seemed like a minute in time but the chatter, giggles, laughs and moments of slow sensuality were not lost on me even a couple of days later ... a true little gem.

The Vicar


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