Double trouble - Heer & Reyna

One thing I like when I punt is to get right done to business straight away, no small talk, just let the pure physical attraction take over. Whether it be with a regular (though unfortunately I can't say I'm much of a 'regular' these days) or a first time booking. She's there, dressed in her 'come and get me big boy' outfit, giving me a cute smile, baiting me to take her. No words to taint the moment of the pure sexual interaction about to take place.

Well, that was what it was like with Reyna and Heer. Two of the most gorgeous looking ladies you could hope to meet, Reyna with her big smile and cute little black thing, Heer in her tight fitting number beautifully accentuating an amazing pair of (natural) hooters. Reyna didn't hold back going straight in for some DFK, while Heer showed no hesitation to whip away my towel to get up close and personal with my swelling member.

Wasn't long before Heer, eager to get on with the party, threw me on the bed as an hour of pure indulgence with two naked hot bods slithering themselves all over me began. You would never have guessed it was their first day working together.

In an hour of non stop raunchy heat, one of the hottest was probably watching them side by side on their backs, flicking their beans, (with some assistance from me) when Heer suddenly stopped, and said "I can't, coz it's gonna get messy"

"Well, don't let me stop you!'

"Could you grab some towels, I'm really really gonna need em"

With towels rapidly put in place, we resumed positions, and it wasn't long before Heer, true to her word, let a tidal wave rip, the likes I'd only ever seen before in pornos. Meanwhile Reyna, oblivious to the geyser erupting beside her, was lost in her own world and powered on in a very very erotic display of self gratification.

Then it came my turn, Reyna worked my knob artfully as I exploded all over Heer's amazing rack. I collapsed onto the bed, exhausted, with two chatty smiling hot smile babes, snuggling in close on either side.

Not bad way to spend a warm spring evening in downtown Auckland......

PS...Remember also they very generously donated good proportion of their fee to support the relief in the Philippines. Reyna and Heer (who's bounced back with vengeance from her unfortunate and naive start in the business) are not only only two of the spunkiest ladies you could meet, but also two of the nicest.



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