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First Punt Since Lockdown

After Lockdown I've been wanting to visit a working girl, last week due to timing mismatch I couldn't get appt with couple of ladies. Today I had some time in the afternoon, I quickly looked up NZG and excited to see Heer (My First WG Experience) in town and it was her last day.

I sent her a text asking if she available instant text came back she was busy, 2 minutes later text from Heer that she can accommodate me. Off I go to Opawa for a 30 min adventure.

Heer welcomes me in a beautiful outfit.. After room Formalities, As I lay down, The beautiful Busty and fit Heer gets on top of me talking and playing with my Willy... I couldn't resist looking how beautiful her boobs were... She then gave me a CBJ... literally sucked my nuts out... after seeing few women ..I can safely say she is one of the best as my dick is still sore... She Kissed with passion, then got on to Missionary Position where I couldn't last long... We then carried on talking naked.. She sent me off with a kiss.. I left Heer wanting more.. I've told myself to go see her every time she visits ... Hopefully next time I can take this beautiful girl out for dinner.... She is Kind, Humble and Happy..

Thank You Heer.. come back soon...



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