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First time with goddess HeeR

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Hello all

Been punting occasionally for a few years but haven’t written any reviews yet, thought I’d join in the fun as I enjoy reading them too.

Heer's profile caught my attention the first time I seen it a few weeks ago, which I’m sure it did to a lot of you too.... I immediately put her on the “must try list” without even reading any reviews..... Those giant perky tits, what a mesmerising sight... After that I started to research her reviews and was very pleased and excited hearing all the great stories

She was very responsive and polite when I texted her, a great first step.

I have always wanted to try out a Indian girl as I find them very attractive and have only experienced white women and Asian.

Booking was easy, texted her reasonably early and was very lucky to get in a spot for a 45 minute booking.

The amount of times I visited her NZGirls profile and read her reviews/website, I felt like I was going to meet a pornstar or celebrity..... The 40 minute drive there I was so excited the whole time lmao, could barley focus on driving while daydreaming about those big juicy breasts I was about to see in person.

Once I got there, parking was easy. She texted just as I arrived to check where I was. I couldn’t contain my excitement. As she gave me the room number I got more excited, every step closer gave me a boost of serotonin.

When I finally got to the door she opened it and was very welcoming and chatty (just like other reviews said) she was wearing a sexy dress with her giant cleavage showing and smooth incredible legs....... She was everything I was hoping for.... as she was chatting to me I could barley focus on what she was saying, my eyes kept glancing at those big juicy tanned tits, it’s really awesome when you can stare at a woman’s tits without hesitation or seeming creepy lol, I made sure to really make the most of it.... I was like a dog with a fresh bone or kid in a candy store. Couldn’t be happier.

She had a nice clean room with candles, a nice bathroom, very welcoming. I jumped in had a quick shower then out I got out.

When I got out she laughed as I still had my shorts on and told me to take them off. She could tell I was a little nervous or overly excited, but made me feel very comfortable..... She took of her clothes and I just sat there admiring that incredible naked body for a few moments..... those big perky natural tits and that big giant bubble ass had me obsessed immediately.... I laid on the bed and she gave me a really good massage, that was the closest I’ve had to a real massage so that alone was very relaxing and nice.

Next was the body slide..... the second those big juicy tits touched my skin my whole body rushed with pleasure, mixed in with the hot oil she rubs all over your body and penis, was really a amazing experience (that was my first body slide also) her tits rubbing against my body and hard dick was priceless

She could tell I was obsessed with her giant breasts so she let me massage them and rubbed them all over my face as well. Which also was absolutely amazing.

Next was the Lingham massage, also my first time experience, that was truely amazing, for someone who loves their penis touched and ass touched, that alone was worth it, I really appreciate that she wasn’t afraid to really dig deep and massaged every little spot on my body.... Was heavenly, it’s definitely a strange experience for a man to be in doggy style with his legs spread open while letting a beautiful goddess works her magic on all your tender parts, but god was it great.

After that she gave me a really nice blow job, she knows lots of little tips and tricks that’ll really get the blood flowing to the right areas, a magic tongue she has.

After that I fucked her in missionary and then bent her over and fucked her doggy style, as I bent her over I spread her ass cheeks open to have a inspection of her asshole and pussy, it looked immaculate, her pussy is very nice and tight. Her big plump ass cheeks look very nice while fucking from the back.

After sex for a few minutes I was very exhausted (stamina is not my strong point) lol.

So she suggested I masturbate and use her big natural tits to finish the job, sounded perfect to me, she sat up as I stroked my cock, she was helping me out as much as she could, rubbing my cock with her hands and tits, rubbing my ass, everything...

Unfortunately there was no finish (I blame this solely on my lack of discipline) as I had already masturbated 3 times the day before lol, my balls were absolutely drained and I couldn’t get anymore cum out. (Had nothing to do with her performance, she was outstanding)

She was everything you could hope for in a experience with a professional, not rushed at all, very gentle and tender with your body, she makes you extremely relaxed and taken care of.

I was not worried in the slightest of not finishing because the experience alone Was a lot better than cuming, I’ve been very stressed out recently and that time with Heer just really relieved a lot of tension and anxiety for me.

I give my experience with her a 10/10 for sure, highly recommend, especially if you enjoy a big ass and big natural tits, which I don’t know any man who doesn’t 😁 Couldn’t of been better.

Will definitely be back to see HEER again sometime when she’s in Auckland and I’ve got some free time, next time I’ll be a bit more disciplined and practice abstinence for a few days prior, I have some unfinished business with her and would love to give her a nice big thick load of cum next time on those big delicious Indians tits.



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