Going out on a high with Heer

This is a difficult thing to write but I am doing so to be accountable to myself and also in the hope that someone in a similar situation to me may benefit in the process.

I have decided to retire from punting after many years and I have two people to thank for that – Hello Sailor and Heer – Sailor for his excellent post a couple of weeks ago on here which got me thinking about it and Heer who helped me go out on a high and made me feel like a king.

I have had to face a stark reality – punting is not something I can afford or sustain financially or emotionally– and too often I have done it without sufficient consideration of the financial or emotional consequences. Were I independently wealthy it might be different, but I’m not.

I have spent many many wonderful hours with many excellent WGs who maintain high standards of service and presentation and I have had some wonderful experiences.

But it’s not something I can sustain ad infinitum. I have been thinking about retiring for a while, but I wanted to go out on a high.

I want to thank Heer for helping me do this. She is smart, sexy, funny, and energetic and a great conversationalist and provides a service that will take you to the moon and back. She is a good example of many WGs I have met in NZ who for that limited 60 minutes or whatever do make you feel like a king.

I left after our session feeling the male equivalent of glowing and feeling a million dollars and I want to hang on to that feeling and the many other great memories I have had with other WGs.

For guys like me, it isn’t always about the sex. It’s about the conversation, the humour, the connection between two people albeit fleetingly and yes the cuddles. I know cynics will say you pay for all that and you do. But WGs are human beings too with feelings and emotions. I have known moments where it hasn't been WG and client. It's been man and woman. Not sure whether this makes sense but I know what I mean.

So I want to wish everyone well and say thanks for the memories.



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