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Gric meets up with HEER

Like many out there in Punter land have been following the story of Heer with great interest, can admit to have always wanted to playdate an Indian lady.

But like many the saga surrounding Heer seems too much but the tone and drama seemed to be getting better so after I saw some good reviews made an appointment yesterday.

I always txt and was replied to fast and sweetly, again like those watching the AF some concern was directions to find her, but I can say I received a txt with so much detail only a jealous w/g could not find the place, in fact I just googlemapped it and details even covered colour of pathway to the well label door.

Was booked, confirmed and location given. Made my way on time to location, nice and easy to sneak in and out of, arrived at the door and was greeted like a long lost friend, all smiles and hugs. As stated Heer is pretty very bubbly about 5.5” very trim and busty, so far so good.

Followed her up two flights of stairs, nice view of that bubble but ahead of me, into very nice room same level as Bonnie's old place, bit of a chat about AF but both decided enough had been discussed so into the shower, crazy powerful shower head, fast but thorough wash of me and my bits, dry and off to the bed, Heer was fully dressed and she got me to lie down on towel on the bed for a very sexy massage, good effort in the department, sexy to set the mood not to get me too excited. I wanted to last the hour.

Flipped over to see Heer for the first time without clothes, and what a sight, those breasts are fantastic, Heer slid up my body and popped a nipple in my mouth, not normally a boob guy but that was great. She starts to kiss me like she was on fire, love great kissing.

Trying not to be too graphic but Condom placed on with mouth, CBJ then she asked if I like to give Oral, this is one of my favourite things to do, I did read on her ad on NZG that she was a bit delicate but I pride myself on my skills in this department, Heer claims to be a squirter and I paid for everything on the menu, but was not expecting what happened next.

She is yelling and moaning like I am doing it all right then whoosh huge fountain of girl juice pounded my face with her huge orgasm, now that is what I call good sex. Heer said normally this does not happen with oral so I am thinking fuck I am good. She agreed said she should review good punters like we review the ladies.

After a bit of a clean-up into sex, about 5 positions, cowgirl, cowgirl with feet on bed, missionary ( and she came again ) doggie on bed doggie with me standing on the floor, that view from behind looking at that bubble but and then it is all over I am a gonner.

In summary the playdate flowed very well, no issues with address, no issues with Heer, is quite chatty but never asked any personal details about me, which a few w/g I have playdated recently did do, Heer's is as her ad described. I am rebooking her for next week.


PS Funny thing as I drove away from the playdate I was singing extra loud to the CD in my truck, I was extremely happy so it was a fantastic playdate.



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