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Heer...Even better second time around

Updated: Apr 12

Back in August I seen Heer was coming back down my way and based on my first interaction being so good, surely it would be better second time around.

Well I was right except it was sooooo much better than I could have thought. I booked a longer session this time around which was a good shout. When I showed up we spent a while catching up on life and it really felt like catching up with an old friend...however my eyes kept slipping down to that incredible cleavage!!!

Paper work and shower out of the way and Heer flicked the towel off me and started kissing me...I don't think I have been kissed like that ever...she really got me going and I don't think I have ever had a girlfriend kiss like that!!! Certainly didn't experience this first time round. Clothes removed from Heer ( she didn't have to ask me twice) and she lay me down on my back and we kissed and explored each others bodies with our hands and mouths forever and it was a challenge to keep my hands off her ass...spoiler alert, I couldn't!!! More kissing foreplay and breast sweeps and I am beyond good to go. Heer then puts a condom on with her mouth to start and starts going down on me. If I thought the blow job was good first time around, this one was next level!!! She had me levitating off the bed a few times and I really thought I was gonna blow. I now see what Heer means by mind blowing oral!!

After what seemed like an eternity of bliss Heer mounted me. The sex was so much better this time around and I don't think I'll ever get tired of the sight of Heer on top riding me...a sight to behold!!! What made it better was all the build up. Heer then flipped us to missionary, put her legs over my shoulders was vocally enthusiastic and started telling me to ride her harder. I swear she was enjoying it as much as me! Obviously it wasn't to much longer until I was ready to pop and Heer brought me to an amazing orgasm.

We then lay down together and talked for a while after what I have to say was the perfect Girlfriend experience. Needless to say if you want an incredible GFE and feel a connection an hour or longer with Heer is perfect. Obviously I am a big fan and am already looking forward to the third time around!

Heer thank you so much for your time and I look forward to next time.



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