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heavenly heer

There are a multitude of reasons why time spent in the company of heavenly Heer is something to be savored. The length of the time doesn't matter - it's the quality of the experience. Where Heer is concerned, the quality of the bar is set so high that I doubt even Eliza McCartney could clear it

Experiencing Heer is about starting off with a catchup about what the other has been up to - it was an opportunity for me to savour that famously hot body and mentally undress it while we talked. Heer has a genuine interest in people, and that's partly why she is so good at her job- she makes you feel special and at ease from the get-go.

After the preliminary chat, it's over to the bed and a much-needed therapeutic/sensual massage combo. It doesn't take long before i'm moaning and groaning as Heer's beautiful soft hands are wandering all over me - things go up a notch when she starts raking her beautifully manicured nails lightly over my skin and I'm starting to buck and writhe in exquisite pleasure.

Then, just when I think it couldn't get any better, on goes the hot oil, spread liberally around very private parts of my anatomy and my moaning is going into overdrive.

After a bit of this, Heer tells me to roll over, expertly slides a condom on me with that sexy mouth, and starts slurping hungrily. More moaning and groaning from yours truly.

Then, without warning, she straddles me and we start bucking and humping in glorious unison, climaxing in a delicious mutual orgasm.

Now, I suffer from erectile dysfunction, and before I jumped in the car to head our to our appointment, I realised that I was out of Viagra.

Fear not I thought, trust in Heer and it will be fine. I did and it was - and that's a mark of just how skilled and special Heer is. I walked out of there feeling like I'd just won Lotto - not before a lovely hot shower and a refreshing herbal tea and a final chat.

Heer doesn't get down to Dunedin that often - so when she does, it pays to be in quick. We go back a long way and I love her no-bullshit style. She is a wonderful human being in my eyes, and I told her so today.

You treat her right, and she will reciprocate. Abuse her trust or disrespect her, and watch out.

Thank you my dear, for yet another million dollar experience x



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