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heer and amber in nelson

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

I had been intrigued about Amber since her last visit to Nelson. I read (and can recommend) her blog, but missed her last visit. My challenge was, however, that Amber was again travelling with the lovely Heer – and she is a girl that simply cannot be missed. What to do? They were only in Nelson for 3 days …

The obvious answer was a three-some. At the time I was mentally and physically at a very low ebb, but I hadn't engaged a three-some before, so I reckoned I need a pick-me-up and thought “why not?”

I met the ladies at one of the usual haunts, with a big smile from Heer at the door. Amber greeted me with a hug and a kiss, and very quickly led me to the bedroom for more kissing and cuddling while Heer got the shower warm. I had booked a slightly longer session – I considered that each of the two ladies deserved to the enjoyed without rush – and, well, with two of them … it was always going to be better with more time.

The shower was fun. Two smiling faces, four breasts, four hands, two mouths, lots of soap … wow.

We dried off and returned to the bedroom. I won’t say much about what followed other than this: for me, pleasure is something best shared - it’s equally fulfilling to please a woman as it is to enjoy that pleasure myself. That’s something easier to do with someone you are already familiar with, but also with the level of trust and openness and professionalism and sexuality of both ladies. It was a very busy, but very good, experience.

While very different, almost opposites in some respects, both Heer and Amber are both excellent in what they do, the attitude they bring, and the way they do what they do.

Heer is a svelte 20-something with a gorgeous smile, abs of steel, a great bum, and amazing breasts – and did I mention the sweet smile? Amber is a smoldering 30+ red-head with an hourglass figure, flawless skin, a great sexual appetite, and I defy you to guess her age. Go on – have a close inspection and have a guess – I’m certain you’ll guess wrong. She is proof that age is what you make it – a very interesting lady.

Both Heer and Amber will be back in Nelson again – probably in the New Year. If any guys are on the fence, tempted or curious, then I can certainly recommend both of these beautiful ladies – individually or together. Don’t hesitate though, they will be booked out quickly - and don’t dare book before I do.

I look forward to seeing them both again, they’re both a joy to be with, great at what they do, and they both do their profession proud. Recommended.



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