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Well, was looking for a bit of a punt after a long time of keeping clean and decided to give Heer a visit and see what all the fuss was about lately. Seems I had actually seen her before when she was under the name Laila. She was quite new to the industry to the time, and let me tell you; things have CHANGED.

Heer's body and demeanor are very attractive. She's relaxed and feisty at the same time. She has an amazing rack, which she loves to have played with, and a very nice ass (I'm a huge ass fan). I don't want to give too much away as I think you guys should experience it yourself but I'll do my best to intrigue you lot.

First off; fellas, BE GENTLE. If you have paid for her to receive oral PLEASE read the advertisement. She very clearly states what she does and doesn't like; and I find it very important to ensure the WG you are seeing is just as comfortable as you are as it makes for a mutually enjoyable experience. No one likes a tense WG, and believe me, you WANT Heer to be relaxed and comfortable with you, she is amazing.

Massage: Very firm. She straddled me from the back and took her time to relax my body (I'm usually very tense with work stress). Firm and strong hands.

Oral/CBJ: Deepthroats well (and I've got a fairly large member) and hard. Puts real passion into it.

DATY: This comes back to the point I made re: reading the ad. She loves a guy going down on her the right way, squirted into my face 3 times. It was HOT.

Sex: She took a bit to get use to my cock but once she was into it, it was a lot of fun. She knows how to move, and if you treat her just right, might get a squirt or two

Overall: 9/10. Not a lot to fault her on as far as WG girls go. The setting could've been a bit nicer, but as I saw her at a different place to her usual I didn't get the added bonus of mirrors everywhere! Keep in mind, I have a feeling your service really depends on how well you treat Heer physically and emotionally during this time. She is a gentle girl (with a little bit of bite, likes a small slap on the ass every now and again) who likes to enjoy her time with her clients. She's very responsive, so use that to your advantage (just not too much ).



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