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Heer does Xena

I don't often visit girls from this forum, but why not make an exception?

So a few days ago I strapped on some black leather, prepared my thrusting sword and gave Heer the opportunity to go into battle with me.

When she came to greet me I liked what I saw. An exotic young woman with flashing eyes. Game on! First of all, she asks you what you like and what you want and how you want it. She doesn't force any unwanted attention on you (as if) or her tongue down your throat if you don't want that lol. I happen to like everything and lots of it - from go to whoa! So that's what I asked for and that's just what I got.

To start off she gave a lovely firm massage, along with some oiled-up body slides. The sensation of those sexy breasts rubbing all over was divine. And after some steamy build-up it was time to turn over for some intimate foreplay, lots of passionate kissing and more... That's when I also got to turn my attentions on her. Yummy!

She was keen to deploy the weapons of mass distraction and looked really sexy wearing just a sword and scabbard. Then as anticipated she fucked me good and hard.

I tend to be no talk and all action, so it was straight into that favourite of mine doggy - I am taller than Heer so we had to get the heights right which was fun. Then cowgirl where I could see her gorgeous body below me. I loved it when she leaned up to mouth my breasts, and then eventually we swapped over with her finishing me off hard while DFK'ing in missionary, our long hair falling together into our eyes. She made sure I got that wonderful full body contact with a deep lover's kiss just how I like it. And then she held me oh-so-tight and wrapped me up in her arms for a while. So peaceful...

Sexy fun times were had with this lovely young lady who is intuitive and passionate!

She really does give her all and loves to please, so thanks for a wonderful hour babe.




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