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Heer Heer... an amazing lass !

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Having made the decision to retire from seeing working lasses last year, I was recently tempted to venture back out by a couple of ladies visiting my area of the south island who both already had good reviews and pretty solid reputations. Have already written about one little gem, so this review of the very popular Heer is a little overdue.

Heer lured me out of my monk-hood existence and treated me to an amazing 2 hours.What has been said before is ALL so true of this lady, location discrete quiet and cosy,the ambiance was set with lots of low lighting soft music and lots of candles as Heer greeted me VERY passionately.She is so attractive,with her dark flashing eyes,sparkling smile and a stunning little body just built for pleasure. Wasn't long before she had me all hot and bothered slithering all over me and indulging me VERY passionately and the sight of those stunning oiled breasts are something to behold. Heer's oral skills are mind-blowing to say the least and her ability to sense where you're at and edge me again and again... simply awesome ! Heer is a real little chatter box as most of you who have visited already know,down to earth and no hesitation in taking me over the line several times...yes: just wished I had brought my mask and snorkel for the finale...lets just say I've never experienced anything like it ! This lass is in a class of her own...

In summary a very passionate sexy attractive women who certainly treats her clients well, be gentle, considerate and respectful and I'm sure you will be well rewarded. As for me I'm still staggering around my retirement pad with a silly grin all the better for having met Miss Heer.

The Vicar


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