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Heer is fantastic, simply lovely

I simply don't believe the negative review about her address being wrong and rudeness. Her address is easy if you're not a drongo, just don't go down the drive but look to the left and number is there on the door on off-street drive separate from rest of units.

She was kind, funny, genuine, gorgeous and really really made my day. Very sexy and let's you know whet she likes and what she doesn't which I like. Very clean place, nice room, great shower.

I will be back and see her when she is Nelson and can but highly recommend her.

Ps. She showed me the text of the conversation with unhappy punter who said she was rude in texts. Bullshit. Nothing rude at all. She gave address clearly and he replied he was at 23 when she clearly stated 24. No rudeness here. I believe that review is a local lady made false account here to kill her business. Seriously I do.

Don't miss her guys. If you like rough and being bossy go elsewhere, if you want a great time, great sex, massage, chat, and to appreciate the most wonderful body and pretty face, go see Heer.

Going down to Dunedin and further if you ask. I will certainly see her when she is in Nelson.



Review 14

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