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heer knows what she likes

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Having met Heer last year in Chch I'm afraid I have to disagree with the OP. Heer has two profiles as we all know, I would consider her ads to be both accurate and descriptive. This is called punting for a reason. You pick a girl you like the look of and go see her. If you're not happy then walk away, that is your right, as it her right to not see you.

As Heavenly and yahoo have indicated Heer has several satisfied clients. Heer knows what she likes, what makes her body feel good and if you treat her right you will enjoy the full pleasure that is Heer. I enjoyed kissing, massage (to the point I had to physically restrain her hands from me cause I couldn't take the teasing) and her other skills, well the lady could give classes (as I said in my review). The massage Heer gives is not a case of getting naked and sliding all over you, it is pointed, focused, and makes sure every part of you is involved.

I know tattoos are not for everyone but how about this, lets have every wg post our tattoos on here as a review after they have seen us so that people can come on here and identify us. Should we tell the wg that we have tattoos, patches, bikes, amputations fuk knows what else........ so they can say ya nah you should have said....

As with every lady her body reacts differently and it takes different stimulation to give her pleasure. I have enjoyed the pleasures of women who know what they want and are happy to give guidance, I am man enough to listen....I don't know it all but if a woman wants to enjoy herself with me and can tell me where to go, how to touch, then Hallelujah I've found the Promised Land. I never found Heer to be mechanical, rigid or lazy. I understand that certain people don't click and you are entitled to your opinion. You can post your experiences and we applaud you for it. But to come on as a new member and begin comparing the ladies here with women you have seen wherever you have seen them is not cool. It doesn't matter what you paid elsewhere, it doesn't matter who you saw elsewhere. You are here now.

Look I can go to London n see a filthy pornstar who will do anything I ask for a price. I can go to LA and get to be the guy who is the fuck-a-fan winner. I can go to Sydney and have a lady swallow happily....but I don't. I am Heer.... (don't hate the player) lol. We all have our experiences good and bad. If it didn't work then take it on the chin n move on...... but comparing ladies and their prices....not cool.

If you're happy with higher prices and perceived service then maybe head across the ditch.....

As Heavenly has said it doesn't always work, but Heer is a lovely, friendly, sexy person who loves some fun and knows her own body. Treat her right and who knows the joys it can bring.

Still have to muster the courage to let Heer free for SM....if FS is anything to go by I will never last an hour SM....

Sheam Rock


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