OK, so having watched the whole she-bang erupt about his young woman a fortnight ago, I decided to see for myself what Heer is like.

My intentions were pure…..that it, purely to find out if she was a good company, a good masseuse, and a good fuck etc. As an backdoor connoisseur, a nicely done bit of buggery (by me, not to me) never goes amiss.

I’ve only been with one Indian woman previously, who was kind of wispy and timid.

Now this girl Heer is a totally different proposition. Timid she is not! So it started with a surprisingly firm and good massage…..

DATE: November 2013


PREMISES LOCATION: Works out of Wakefield street at the moment, may have been other places, but to be honest this location suits me. Not a lot of foot traffic of consequence, nameless and faceless self-absorbed students only…...pretty anonymous and discreet really

STATE OF APARTMENT: Standard for that place, vinyl slabs to roll around on, not homely, but on the other hand mirrors everywhere for a good view of every bit action.

SHOWER LOCATION: In the room, a nice one

ACCURATE PICTURE: Yes!! So, has a nice figure, clearly a gym bod, good defined thighs without looking like Valerie Vili. Nice ass, good waist. No fat wobbly belly or skinny chicken legs like some Indian girls. Nice face, lovely smile.

AGE: Mid 20s

PERSONALITY: Nice, and certainly not bland. Very chatty and feisty. Absolutely clear about herself, and very confident in what she can and will do for you.

BODY TYPE: About size 8-10 I guess, high 50s kg?

BUST: Now I’m not a tit guy, but as it happens…..very very nice rack, firm but natural tits, which do not lie down on the job. She really loves you giving them a good (and perhaps more than firm) squeeze, clearly one of her erogenous zones.