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heer on my birthday

I took the opportunity to treat myself to a visit with Heer on my Birthday (well the day after at least, due to work commitments on Monday).

Seems this was just as well considering the plane issues Heer had on Monday.

I arrived at the apartment after getting the room number via txt and knocked nervously on the door. I always have that "OMG, here we go" feeling just before the door opens. A mix of excitement, anticipation and nervousness.

The door opened and there she was. My first thought was "Wow - great boobs" I then wiped my chin and beheld the wonderful Heer herself.

I often wonder what some of the girls look like and I was pretty close with Heer. A pleasant sight to behold.

Lovely eyes, VERY kissable mouth and a great body.

After having a wee chat, I got the shower out the way and started with a quick kiss and a sensual massage. Very nice. Very, very nice.

Those boobs do a great job of relaxing a mans muscles - all of them but one. 8)

We then moved on to the main event which involved great kissing, a nice CBJ and a couple of different positions.

I have to say that Heer is rather good - I didn't last too long once I had started. Needless to say it was all over far too soon - how can you hold back with a girl like this?

After a quick drink, a scone (thanks - it was yum) and nice conversation, it was time to head off and back to work.

That was the hardest part - the leaving. A great time was had. Thanks Heer. Nice to meet you at last.



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