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Heer's Kamasutra SM

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Assiduous readers of AF may remember me posting some months back about my desire to give punting away after 20 years basically because it had got to the stage where I needed to, for several reasons, chiefly because I immersed myself in it to escape myself and my own poor self-image. So giving up has been a major life choice which is personal to me. Said readers with long memories may also remember that the incomparable Heer, on a visit to my dear Dunners, was very supportive of this and this is one of many reasons why I regard her so highly. Since then i have done valuable therapeutic work to deal with the deep self-esteem issues of a lifetime which in some respects i had addressed but not in others. I have relented once or twice since deciding to 'retire' with visits to WGs but I suppose Rome wasn't built in a day and overall I have been in a good space and on an upwards trajectory.

However, all that said I am not a monk, and when I noticed Heer advertising her new Kamasutra sensual massage, I decided to try it out tonight because I was in need of some stress release without wanting to go the whole FS route.

So, I fronted up to her hotel and after a quick catchup I showered and lay down on the bed and waited for the magic to unfold. Heer began with an all over therapeutic massage which was a great scene-setter for what was to come. I shuddered with ectasy as she trailed her magnificent nails up and down my spine, rubbed hot oil all over my body and then draped hot towels on me.

Then the breast sweeps began - powerful, strong, sensuous, I was transported to another dimension and in the distance I hearf Heer telling me to turn over.

I obliged and gazed at Heer, her eyes gleaming, eager, her beautiful breasts coated in oil. She began to sweep on me again and dragged my fingertips to her nipples. I massaged them as she oiled my cock and began to pump it.

The next thing I knew I was in this exotic haze of her grinding and humping her body against me in numerous positions, too many to count. I was dazed and confused in the best way possible and just went with the flow.

The grand finale was a crescendo, the fireworks were everywhere. My temporary secondment to another dimension was over and it was back to reality.

I probably haven't done justice to the experience - i am still a bit giddy from it. It is an experience, however, not to be missed.

I am back on track now but the memory of the diversion will keep me glowing for some time to come.



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