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heer - the gold standard

I first saw Heer many months ago and she is now never far from mind. We were unable to hook up the last time she came through so I had been counting away the weeks while she was on holiday then settling back into a routine in Auckland until I would have the chance to see her again. Then quite spontaneously the other day*I had the impulse*to check her touring schedule and found that she had just arrived in CHC that day!*To say I was excited is*something of an understatement - I was trembling so much I could barely tap out the txt to arrange a hook up the following day!

I checked her profile to see any details had been updated and noticed her offer of a 'gold' package and decided that would be the perfect way to make a glutton of myself on a rare opportunity, so I booked in for GOLD and gold I got.

She was working from the room of another Chch lovely who was away touring in Auckland*that week and there is something comforting about visiting a premisses you are already familiar with. It has great inconspicuous parking at a nearby shopping centre.

I txted my arrival and Heer greeted me at the door with a warm smile and a passionate kiss and we raced upstairs. We had short conversation to establish that I knew what I was doing with regard the the services offered in the Gold package and that my expectations were inline with hers. I reassured her on both counts. *I really love about Heer that in those moments of conversation one gets to view a certain vulnerability/fragility which is very endearing but so completely counter pointed*by her exuberance and feistiness in bed -it really is quite enchanting. Here has a lovely warm nature and is quite the chatterbox which is lots of fun, her body is exquisite and she obviously takes pride in keeping that way with plenty of exercise. Heer's boobs, well there's little need*to repeat the oft proffered praise from so many reviews but it suffices to say that their reputation has a life of it's own on this forum for good reason!

While I had assured Heer I wasn't looking for*PSE once we had warmed I beckoned Heer back to the floor for some standup and hitched her up around my waist and we banged away like that for a while until I worked a sweat, lots of laughter and pleasure was had! Back on the bed she led me into some 'back 9' doggie for while before we rolled over and finished in spoon with my hand s cupped around those glorious breasts. In that moment and that*incredible intimacy Heer's soft but enthusiastic exhortations of "Fuck me harder", "I like like that" etc where finally too much for me and that walls of Jerico came tumbling down !!! I think it took several minutes before I could see again let alone before the 'haze' cleared! OMG.

Nice time enjoy enjoy a few minutes of glorious back massage while I collected myself and we can have a bit of catch up chat on*life, the universe, & everything. Before long it's time for Heer to administer mouth to mouth on my wounded soldier and it not very at all before she has his full attention - another of Heer's famed skills! Heer's had her back9 played and now it's my turn and*she grabs dildo and does me with BJ and dildo at once ! OMFG.

We finish in mish for a super climax in pool of sweat completing another session I will never forget. OMG this girl!

We are getting cleaned up and Heer has me on about about not writing a review before now and I am forced to make a rather sheepish confession (and I feel stupid writing it here) that if I'm really honest the reason I haven't done this review before now is I feel she is too good to share and I wanted to keep her all to myself! But it's a self defeating motivation really as the better received she is in Chc then the more trips she will make and the more I will get to see her!

Is there anything I would change ? Yuh, I would book a longer session next time so that I could spend some more time soaking up her company - the hour went way too fast.


I have had plenty of glorious experiences with some wonderful NZGs but only a couple have booked a spot on my Christmas card list and Heer is definitely *one of them*: )

Till next time,



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