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Heer . . The Ultimate Goddess

Updated: May 30, 2023

And she is the Ultimate goddess. . Anyone that has seen Heer knows this.

I’ve seen Heer a number of times since 2015/2016. They are all very memorable, but I think as time goes on, you get more comfortable in each others company, you know what makes them tick, which buttons to push, which ones not to.

This, in my opinion makes the bookings so much better. With Heer (for me) this is very much the case.

Heer is lovely . . Not forced lovely, she is a genuinely lovely person. She would talk the ear off an elephant but is funny with it. Id imagine she can mould the convo to anyone’s taste to suit the situation.

Heer exudes sex appeal . . You only got to look at her profile to see that right?!! But in the flesh she’s unreal. Writing this I’m thinking of her crawling her way up my body, those breasts catching my cock and sliding along it as her tongue is penetrating my mouth. . .

Her tongue is fucking incredible . . No one kisses like Heer. . . I’d never been deep throated by a girls tongue before but fuck me it’s what it seems like!

She genuinely squirts and it’s mind blowing, she has it down to a fine art. . You find yourself waiting to catch it with your face like a back stop at a softball game

Many memories beautiful . . One day I will see you in Auckland for an all nighter. . That’s the next box to tick!

Might have to add a friend for that occasion!

If anyone’s thinking about seeing this lady, don’t think just fucking do it. Seeing Heer is the best way there is to treat yourself to an incredible experience!

Til next time beautiful



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