Heer - Warning!

First punt of the New Year and off to a start that may be hard to beat.

Its not everyday that you relax in a post coital panting fit that you need reassurance from your hooker that they actually know CPR (just in case you expire). I of course was joking with my question to her but it might just be lucky for some punters that she seemed reasonably clued up in first aid.

Well on the appearance front she certainly appears to be close with what it says in her NZG advert - Heer, Indian Escort in Auckland Newmarket | NZ Girls

I have said a number of times, Christchurch has lacked a decent Indian escort since Angel left the scene a few years ago. There is one that advertises irregularly in the Press but she sounds so sour on the phone I have never bothered with her. With this in mind if you like Indian ladies she will certainly satisfy you - she is not conservative in the sack as some are inclined to be. She is a light skinned Indian as well so even if Indian chicks are not necessarily your thing and you are curious you should certainly consider dipping your willy heer. Her bust is quite frankly amazing and she has a cute firm wonderful bottom that certainly enjoys gently play.

GFE was very very sexy, her tongue is deployed to stunning effect and she is pretty unrelenting....just hold on tight for sheer joy. I don't like my balls played with (too sensitive) and she was very happy to change her focus with out shying off...the mark of a true professional. Double shot was ok (let her know in advance) and she is very much into fucking in a big lube in sight and she tasted delicious for fans of DATY.

Absolute top chick, a we bit earnest at times but well worth the punt...she is gorgeous.



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