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Heers sensual skillset...

Well got to say last time I was on here posting a review it wasn't a good experience, such was the case of ladies touring and rorting the local gentry, was given a few promises of impending appearances by other reputable ladies but probably due to not enough advance bookings nothing much transpired. Heer told us she would be coming to see us and true to her word she showed up sharp alert and attentive on the said day and was ready to rumble the jungle drums.

I promptly sent a message and locked in a time slot on her schedule and we were both happy campers, so now just enough time for a nice shower and touch up before showing up to be entertained by this gorgeous lady.

Location easy to find , good parking and a quick text, and all good to go. In the door with lots of laughter and giggles, big huggles and a then we settle down for a cuppa and a catch up on the bed. Heer as we all know is such a little chatter box and before long she has me butt naked and working her amazing massage skills on me. This lass really knows how to massage well, and when those oiled globes of hers start working their magic I'm being elevated off the bed by a rock hard erection.

She then asks me to assume the doggy position which I think what's coming next and then it starts, my butt hole is being ever so gently massaged with hot oil and fingernails teasing the most sensitive area all the while I'm being slowly teased, edged and milked from behind. To say this is exquisite is an understatement, and it made me writhe and almost beg to be released. Heer in her own mischievous style says wait there's more and just keeps on the edging ... fark this is just about doing my head in.

Heer being a master at her craft then flips me over and begins on the front side with lots of body sliding and deep passionate embraces. She then after I can hardly take any more of this entwines her snuggly little body around mine tightly and engages in the most passionate deep french kissing whilst slowly finishing me off .... fark I came in one of the most intense finishes in a long time, no pulling away she just held me tightly and continued to kiss me deeply and passionately.

Have got to say Heer is one of my all time favourite ladies, she's so down to earth and totally uninhibited, and really have to say I just absolutely love her sensual massage style, so much I'm begging for her to come back. If the Blenheim gents enjoyed her massage skills as much as I did maybe we should start a Give-A_Little page to keep her here for a week and treat her to some of the sights in our stunning region.

Just today we had 14 orca whales just outside the Picton harbour frolicking around in the sun, bloody awesome!

The Vicar


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