high flyer

So finally I was in luck as I managed to catch this high flyer and a very popular girl.. As I have tried once or 2ice but have missed due to either party's unavailability.

The booking was easy to make via texts and I expressed my desires and the sexy girl was fine with them.

Once into the room I saw the nice brown skin with great body.. the pics are accurate and Heer surely takes a good care of herself.. ;-)

The sex the was just great, very sensual and engaging. Multi positions and this girl knows how to ride. Definitely enjoyed doggy to see the ass bounce ;-). The girl has surely read kamasutra and has some awesome bj skills and knows what to do, to get man hard..

We finished giving each other massages and boy she gives a really good hard massage. Would definitely book her for a sensual massage too someday..

Loved the fact that she is an honest, down to earth and no bullshit girl. Her reviews are really great. And now I know why ;-)

Would highly recommend this girl. Until next time

Thanks Heer.

Hungry Stud


Review 117

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