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Hugging , Sensual and More

As some of you know , I have just returned after a long trip and the body was in need of some serious massaging attention. I was reading the thread about the hugging service, so I was a little curious, but knew I would get a proper therapeutic massage anyway, so I messaged Heer, plus I hadn't seen her for a while too.

For those who know Heer, you can imagine the friendly welcome as usual and the good conversation. That is what is so good even for the shy, nervous types. After some hugs and kisses, I headed off for a shower, then lay on the bed. Wow can tell the guys, not only does she do an awesome therapeutic massage, her sensual one is an unforgettable experience. Not only did she do body slides, all over my back and legs with her massive boobs. She slipped her hand between my butt cheeks and played with my bum and the jewels.

Shortly after she asked me to roll over and poured oil all over my chest and legs and started to give woody a slow HJ. By this time my dick was so hard, you could have dropped me in the ocean, tied a spinnaker to it and I would have shot past the Waiheke ferry.

Heer started to do a BJ, but I said don't worry about that, where's the condom lol. I was so horny that I knew if I hopped in the missionary, I wouldn't have lasted long, so she put one leg on the bed, head through the doorway and I banged her from behind, three other positions followed until I erupted.

You get everything you want as far as massage and full service goes with Heer. She takes her job seriously and treats customers like her good friend. I notice she is going on tour so don't miss out guys. And Wilbert you behave yourself when you see her.



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