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I saw Heer yesterday

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Hi, I saw Heer yesterday after reading all the posts on her. I chose her because her pics were hot but also I wanted to see what sort of service I would get from someone who was making a concerted effort to up her game. She is very attractive and has a great body, big natural (i think) tits and strong muscular thighs and butt. She has quite pale skin though and with some tattoo’s – which aren’t really my thing. In terms of service, I had no issues at all, I paid an extra $20 for French kissing which she really got into when things heated up. I asked her to massage me which she did well, especially after taking some direction as to what I like – then I massaged her. I spent most of the time pleasuring her which I love and I think she did too – yes she does squirt.

After the hour she was keen for me to stay longer and talk and she shared some of her working ”ïssues”. There is no doubt that she is new at this and she perhaps has overreacted to some of the negative aspects of her job, especially in how she deals with some of her more unsavoury clients and some clients of a certain race(s) who have certain “attitudes” towards women. I imagine that she will overcome these issues with time and experience and the support of other WG and clients who she can trust. To people out there who want to criticise my post, please don’t. I’m sorry that I don’t have many posts to my name but I don’t enjoy the negative responses generated by so many on this site so I only post occasionally. I think there would be a more active membership on this site if more people were more respectful of others opinions.



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