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indian delight

I have been dining on euro lately but I needed to spice things up and settled on some Indian delight today.

The profile and feed back is very accurate so booking was straight forward without a need to review the menu over and over.

So booking time arrives and as the door opened there was Heer dressed and I was impressed

A nice greet hug , kiss & chat with paperwork discretely placed when I headed into the shower.

The slow sensual build up with a chat and taking in her soft skin on lovely curves was a delight.

I don't need to go into the obvious details of what happens in the bedroom but the interlude of a massage was bliss. That was very enjoyable and Heer's ample breasts were an oily delight rubbed over me after the massage.

As a footnote. If we was out for dinner & there was a challenge to suck cream out of a brandy snap I know who would win.



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