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indian heer in dunedin

So glad I persisted with trying to catch up with Heer as I missed out last time she was in town. What an absolute stunner!!!

Booked for an hour, no problem getting through this time and plenty of text exchanges to get details sorted. Nice motel in the CBD, easy access.

Met at the door by a stunning brunette/dark haired beauty in a hot silver sequinned short strapless dress that accentuated her beautiful figure and superb natural E cup boobs. What a great start, and a relief, I thought. Welcomed with a big hug and instantly felt relaxed (and horny!). Nice chit chat followed then in to the shower before the action started. Good to have the shower as it helped warm me up, bloody freezing in Dunners at the moment - even in the middle of the afternoon!

On to the bed for some sensual massage. I don't normally bother with massage but Heer seemed so in to it I just let her go for it. Amazing hands and the full body slide with those magnificent boobs really got the blood flowing to all the right places. Then the kissing started - WOW!!! Amazing kisser and kept telling me where to kiss her and lots of other dirty talk as things went on. Flipped her on to her back and gave my best effort at eating that beautiful pussy and she responded with lots of moaning and squirming around.

Her turn with the oral and some incredible deep throating that had me almost cumming way too soon. One of the best I have ever seen for sure!

On to the full sex and tried a couple of positions out with doggy being the most fun. Didn't pursue the anal option but I'm betting that would be some great fun as well. Finished over her boobs courtesy of her beautiful hands. A fantastic finish to an incredible experience.

This girl is an absolute must see for Dunedin punters when she visits. I for one will definitely be returning for more next time she is down our way.



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