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Last Punt of 2020

Have used up all my fund for 2020 and I am glad that I finally ticked off one of the bucket list - Heer.

Booking is easy, make sure you text her early in the morning (8am) with everything clearly stated. I made a 60min massage booking, and the whole experience was good.

Heer is a natural chatter, for a shy person like me having no issue to break ice with her ( more like the other around she to me). She give clear instruction for first time client , and communicated well throughout the booking.

The back massage: it's mixed of sensual and actual massage with good stroke on point , very relaxing and enjoyable.

Kamasutra: this is the interesting part, which I find it quite stimulating yet not edging.

The Front: REAL Booby slide, then moved onto final part of HJ. Extreme stimulating but its not rushing to climax, she seems to know penis better than man (never know HJ can be such pleasure).

Good experience, time well spent with Heer. Would recommend to others.



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