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now i'm heer

Now I'm there, .... I'm just a, just a new man! Yes, you made me live again...

Forgive me the Queen reference/pun, but a visit with Heer - It's a kinda magic - sorry I can't help myself.

What to do with a cancelled afternoon? - answer - a tick on the bucket list, Heer! - Easy booking by text and I am off to see Heer. Because I'm on a bike having fun kicking car doors in Dorkland traffic I miss her invite to come 30 minutes early - bugger! - would have really loved to talk with her for longer.

Discreet motel in Epsom, a warm smile and even warmer embrace as I walked through the door, totally at ease and in a few moments just trying to find my balance with this gorgeous lady. Straight away she's focused on what I might expect or desire, and by this point I'm nearly in love -joking aside - she's pretty - lovely-pretty in a way only Indian ladies can be, and those curves and such a firmed toned body - The only place I have seen such a gravity defying female form was in Paul Samples strip cartoon "Ogri" in 'Bike' magazine - she is the Punjabi version of 'Ogri's' girlfriend. Google it for your own sake!

She's also hilarious, with a lovely practical sense of humour - actually it's wicked, I laughed out loud on the way home about some of the things she said.

The massage and the way she directed someone as inexperienced as me was epic! - the way she 'put' herself into it was surprising and very, very intense - what she describes as a 'cuddle' is something you need to take a few minutes to recover from and remember where you are - I was totally lost in that moment.

After a cool down chat, shower another chat and goodbye I walked down to the bike, fired it up and looked at the clock...FFS have I been in a time-warp? was I there that long?



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