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Pleasure Heerre in Christchurch -

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

My First ever Punt.

After being in this Forum for forever, I've decided to take a plunge to see a working girl. Spent ages going thru Reviews...

Decided on someone unfortunately she is currently touring Auckland To much of my Delight Heer was Touring Christchurch. Called and spoke to her.... Told her am a First Timer to WG, she said not to worry and will take care of me.

Fixed the booking, she sends the address details looked more like a template she send to clients which describes the place very well. I was 30 mins early to my booking and waited patiently in my car.. My Heart Was pounding... Nervous as...

Super Rainy Evening 0530 PM - Went to door Rang Bell... HEER opens the door... Greeted me with a Hug.

Chatting about the Weather, Christchurch went to the room, Which was ok. I felt a lot better with the conversation. Quickly had shower.

Heer Undresses --OMG-- Those BOOBS Beautiful looking pair...

HEER Starts off with a MASSAGE... Amazing.... Felt so so good & relaxed

HEER asked me Turn around.. What Sight... She has a PERFECT Body... Rubs me all over... Gets my Willy in between her TITS.. Then BJ... AMazing Blow Job with lots tongue, she asked me if I was sensitive... to which I replied Yes but loving what she is doing... she then starts to lick and suck my balls... Heaven... absolutely loved it... Then I asked if I can go down on her.... Spent some time down there...

Very Intense Kisser... Really felt like being kissed by a girl friend...

Event started with Missionary Style then Cowgirl, Doggie.... She did moan and said some lovely words when drilling...After everything was over.... We spent sometime talking in the bed lying Naked...

All ended well...

If your a newbie... reading reviews.. go get her ... she will make you comfortable.... Money well spent... Heer, Indian Escort in Auckland Newmarket | NZ Girls

THANK YOU HEER for your time... Come to CHCH Often.. YOU ARE AMAZING...

Excuse any mistakes... as this is my First Review...

screwdriver 7


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