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Heer blends sensuality and passion together well. Her photos are extremely accurate and she has an incredible hour glass figure. She has this unique laugh and is a pleasure to interact with. Her service is full on and will definitely leave you feeling satisfied. Her Sensual Massage is also a great experience. I can certainly see why is so well reviewed.

So I have visited Heer in the past for Sensual massage and I finally decided to book her for a Full Service this last week. I have to say I was a little skeptical of all the overly positive reviews of this girl. However upon spending just one mere hour with Heer, I can begin to understand one's fascination with Heer. I think she recently had her 100th review, which frankly is just ridiculous. However I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and I would like to give credit where it's due. This review will be focused on her Full Service.

For Heer's other reviews, hot pics, working updates, and hot pics, go to this link:

Booking Process:

Heer replies to messages quickly and that is always a big plus for me. I believe she prefers to take on-the-day bookings instead of pre-bookings which is fine. This is not my preference at all but I also know that she once said she prefers to limit the number of clients she sees everyday. If this system that she has helps her ensure top notch service, then who am I to say otherwise . I do believe she does longer bookings as well so I assume those could always be pre-booked by regulars (Hint: Being a loyal regular client can be a great thing with the right lady.).

First Impression:

Heer is very pretty, has beautiful brunette hair, a classic Indian beauty. However, it's her body, her shapeliness that really stumps you. She is definitely one of the most hour-glass-like women I have met, she is slim yet extremely curvaceous, and from the way she dresses to meet you at the door, you know that she knows how great her body looks. Heer regularly posts photos of herself on the thread linked above, do check them out, and do note that they are 100% accurate.

Our Time Together:

Heer is all about the sensuality and passion of sex. She is someone who likes to kiss and likes it to be gentle and soft to start things off. But once you both have gotten comfortable and "warmed up", her flare for sex begins to show. The gentle soft kissing turns into a heated and passionate exchange, her limbs wrap tightly around you caressing your body, while binding you to her "barrage" of affection. Heer is a woman who knows how to invoke passion in a booking, as very soon, neither of us could wait any longer for the main event. As we connected, Heer continued her fury of wet kisses. Before long our engagement of ecstasy came to a climax, as my excitement and pent up lust were simply overwhelming.

One of the many enjoyable moments about this booking was when Heer sat atop of me during my refractory period. Somehow she knew I wasn't quite finished yet and while we did have a very nice chat, Heer was pressing her loins into mine. Not long after, she was putting her lips back onto mine as well as my body, softly licking and teasing. Her sensuality had a great influence on me again and this time, finally, she wrapped her mouth around me. Heer prides herself on her great skills and claims this as one of her favorite parts of a booking. I fully concur and soon again my blissful interaction with Heer came to satisfaction.

Heer is a joy to talk to, she is curious in conversation and enjoys to laugh. I should be honest however and warn you that her laugh is....uniquely alarming (those of who know her may know what I am referring to). It's actually rather cute and quite memorable. Any girl who can provide genuine laughter in a booking should be rated highly in my book.


Heer is a delight to spend an hour with. She certainly earns her 100 reviews and no doubt she will receive a lot more. She is deeply passionate if you know how to respect her preference for sensuality. Her service will thoroughly pamper you into a delectable bliss. I am very glad to have finally spent a full service hour with Heer.

I hope this has helped.



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