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The lovely Heer paid Napier a visit last week. When someone with the number of positive reviews that Heer has generated visits, it gets your curiosity aroused. Now, I have to admit that I was a bit ambivalent about visiting Heer - it wasn't that long since sexy Abby Fox was here (Hi Abby!) and I wasn't particularly feeling the need to see a WG. However - curiosity. So, knowing that Heer does a great sensual massage (thanks reviewers!), I booked her for that initially. I also took the sensible precaution of taking some extra cash along just in case I wanted to upgrade from business class to first class.

So, date scone in hand I arrived at the destination, and was met by Heer dressed in hot pink, red and black lingerie, a dash of eye liner, and some "fuck me" red lippy. Heer really is every bit as gorgeous as her photos indicate. We chatted a bit, sorted out what I was after, Heer is very friendly and reassuring. A quick splash in the shower to freshen up and we are ready to go with a hot oil massage.

Now, I reckon Heer knows a bit about psychology - I'm naked and lying face down on the bed, and just before the massage starts, Heer slips out of her lingerie so she is nude too. When you are lying face down on a bed being massaged, its difficult to see the woman massaging you - you can't turn your head that much, and you have your eyes closed most of the time anyway. But you can feel them, you can feel their skin and you can feel their warmth, especially when they sit on you. And after a while, as great as having your back massaged is, you start to anticipate the moment when they say: "Now roll over and lie on your back"

When this point arrived with Heer, I wasn't keeping my eyes closed anymore. They were wide open and admiring the results of Heer's dedication to diet and to visiting the gym - she is simply stunning. The hot oil massage continued, with body slides - mmmm. And of course, my arms and hands were free so I could caress Heer in return....

Heer turned me on. Like a radio. Like I was a goddamn country music station. If I had been initially ambivalent, I wasn't anymore. Heer stiffened my resolve - I was definitely having that upgrade.....

A little bit later we were chatting. The name "Heer" means diamond, and Heer's star sign is one of the fire signs. Heer the Indian jewel is very apt - she has a sparkle about her, and a warm personality.

This the third review of Heer from her visit to Napier, following on from Hungry Stud and Midnight Cowboy. What I think is apparent from our reviews, and previous ones, is that Heer has an ability to provide an experience tailored to each client's desire, to give each client something special. Thank you Heer.



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