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the heer magic

I first saw Heer a couple of years ago in the south island, and I mentioned her in a thread, a summary of the year, acknowledging how popular she is but that to me we didn't click. I had misgivings about saying that at the time, and the feeling has grown since then, particularly when I've since had times with girls I see often, that for whatever reason, maybe it's her, maybe it's me, but I've learned there will be times when the magic isn't really happening, just to come back on the next visit. So it's probably unfair to say we didn't click on the basis of one visit to a girl who is obviously very good at what she does.

And I've long thought I should go back, but she's been touring a lot, the timing's never been good.

Until now.

Heer didn't know who I was. I used punter phone number 5, just in case, and our previous encounter was a long way away and a long time ago, possibly before slowhand was even a thing, and she's way prettier than I remembered and she laughs and her dark eyes light up with mischief and I'm intoxicated by her accent and the exotic erotic woman that she is and I feel that click happening already, amongst other things. And we go on a wonderful journey, the amazing things a man and a woman can do to each other, do with each other, and there's click aplenty, I realise I was wrong.

And reflecting afterwards I realise it was when we were opening up to each other that I could glimpse the real Heer magic, but that was all too brief. And I know some of her history here, the amazing battle she won to establish her reputation, so I headed back for more, go a little deeper, a sensual massage, plenty of time to talk to this fascinating girl, and the cat's out of the bag this time, she knows it's me, and trust me the massage was mind-blowing but I got to know Heer a whole lot better and realise what an amazing person she really is.

My apologies Heer, you proved me wrong, spectacularly.



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