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The inimitable Heer

As I'm experiencing more than the usual stress and fatigue common to this time of the year at the moment, I decided tonight to entrust myself to someone I knew would have just the remedy - the inimitable Heer and her extraordinary Kamasutra massage.

Rocked up to her Dunedin venue at the appointed hour, had a quick chat for old times' sake, got into the shower, and then took myself off to the massage table face down as per Heer's instructions - not before having of course feasted my eyes on those gorgeous globes, that sly comely smile, and those stunning black eyes.

A deep tissue massage started me off before I felt Heer's beautifully manicured nails raking up and down my skin from head to toe (the head part a beautiful scalp massage). This went on for a while before the beautiful hot slick oil went all over me and next thing I knew Heer's stupendous twin Wonders of the World were grinding up and down my back. was 25 deg outside in Dunedin tonight but in Heer's room it was 30!

Things accelerated from there and since I am the shy type and not a great fan of kissing and telling too much, I won't give away too much of what transpired subsequently. Suffice to say I wobbled out of there with Bambi legs and a huge smile on my dial.

Heer is a maven of tantric stimulatory pleasure so experience it to believe it guys - she's only in Dunners until Friday!



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