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the sensual side of heer

So what does Heer stand for....

H Hot

e Erotic

e Exotic

r Raunchy

She loves her job and it shows. The chemistry is there alright. From the friendly smile to the big welcoming hug and kiss. Her breasts heave against her bra like 2 puppies straining to get free.

I haven't had the pleasure of a purely SM session with Heer. I've heard good things. I know her body though. I've seen it before (and more), so I know what I'm in for. My eyes will be treated to such delights as will the rest of my body.

There was a thread about foot massages and I saw Heer's response, so I asked for one of these to start things off. If you like foot massages, Heer is the one to go to. Very nice.

Then on to a lovely massage with warm oils. Sensations abound. Breast sweeps up and down. Lovely and warm.

Turned over after a time of relaxation, building more sensual as time passes.

There's nothing quite like the sensation of being between such lovely oiled beauties, caressing gently, warmly. This is something Heer does well. She likes this too, something I think she gets off on. Squeezing and caressing your manhood between her lovely firm breasts.

Then the crescendo. Done with skill. A lady that knows the signs.

Heer is lovely. Physically and mentally. A real treat.

Thanks Heer It's always fun times with you around.



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