Apologies for not writing a review sooner. Its been a month since I took my first ever punt, but never seemed to have found the time until now. I didn't want to do a rushed one which won't do this lady any justice.

So being a virgin, and a new punter, it wasn't easy for me to finally have the courage to make a booking with a WG. After a lot of thought, and indecisiveness about which girl to see, I decided to just go for it (yolo right?) and trust my gut feeling.

The one I chose was Heer

Being kind of shy, I opted to communicate by txt, booking was easy, explained I was new to seeing escorts, and also a virgin. She reassured me there is nothing to worry about and proceeded to explain her booking process to me.

On the day in the morning as I was instructed, I sent a message to confirm our booking on that day. The place she worked from in AKL was easy to find, plenty of free parking outside and inside the premises. I arrived early and sat in my car patiently, nervous, eager and heart racing while the time passed and finally it was time.

Arriving at her door I gave a nervous tap, my heart froze and skipped a beat as I heard shuffling noises then comes the jiggle of the door knob. "There's no turning back now!" I though to myself. The door swung open, I was greeted by a pair of mysterious eyes that peaked out behind the door and upon seeing her for the first time I was stunned by how pretty she was. She welcomed me with a great smile, asked me if I wanted anything to drink, tea or coffee, and I opted for a glass of warm water instead. At first glance her boudoir is clean and tidy, very cozy setup, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. We had a quick chat which seemed to calm my nerves and went over what to expect during the session and I was off to the showers. In and out, remembering not to take too long, made sure I dried myself properly and walked out of the bathroom.

When I came out, there she was, already undressed waiting for me, now in her cute lingerie looking more irresistible than ever. I was immediately captivated by her dark, smooth caramel skin and scrumptious bosom. Oh how divine they were, they begged to be release out of their shackles. My eyes were glued to them, unable to look away but to be honest without meaning to and by instinct... I looked away not wanting to offend and tried very hard to not stare, which was a silly thing to do. Anyway, she guided me to the bed, and we kicked off with a gentle massage, she was being her usual chatty self, then moving onto the more sensual body slides which felt great.

Eventually time came for me to turn over, those bosoms no longer imprisoned I began to stare again... with more intensity this time She climbed on t