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It is no secret that I am a long time fan of Heer, however I would describe myself as an 'infrequent regular', since I only get to see her when she passes through town. Much of my motivation is simply to catch up with her socially, as over the years we have developed quite a rapport. That is not to say however, that I am any different to any other red blooded male, and don't enjoy the other aspects of a booking with her

When I contacted Heer and made a booking, I really had no preconceived idea of what sort of booking I wanted. Some minutes into the booking, with the usual passionate greeting out of the way, I threw a bit of a curve-ball and asked Heer what sort of booking she was in the mood for. Now I ask other ladies that same question from time to time, and often the answer is 'You are the one paying, what do you want?, so it was a really pleasant surprise when Heer said she would prefer a sensual booking, regardless of its significantly lower price tag.

What followed can only be described as a perfect booking. Instead of the usual somewhat rushed kiss, BJ, sex, talk, sex again format of a conventional hour booking, I got to experience Heer in a relaxed and sensual manner, to the extent that she even shared details of what she enjoyed sexually herself. The result was a genuinely mutually satisfying experience, which encompassed everything that is important to me in a booking.

I have found over the years, that very few women are open enough to share what they truly enjoy in the bedroom. The same can be said for WG's, however every now and then, one is prepared to give some insight into things that truly bring them pleasure. Heer is one such lady. Not only did I get to spend an incredibly intimate hour with Heer today, but I also got to learn a few subtleties about women, that make the difference between average and excellent, in terms of erotic touch. Thanks Heer, for taking the time to teach the old sea dog a few new tricks. I can't help but think I know a little more about 'what women want' after today, and I am sure looking forward to putting it into practice

Hello Sailor


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