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wild heer review

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

So I decided to go back and see Heer The first time we were a bit rushed, I only booked 30 mins. This time we had much more time, Heer was very generous with time and not clock-watching. So I started out giving Heer a massage, feet/legs/back/neck/sexy bum, even a boy-body-slide. Then she took over and gave me a fantastic massage with her Thai massage techniques.

Soon moved to incredible oral. I've seen a lot of escorts but Heer is probably the best at oral I've ever experienced. She just knows how to tease and suck at the right places!

After a while she climbed on top for some cowgirl mixed with very passionate kissing! Kissing is so much better when you know the lady you're with is enjoying it, unlike many where they're only doing the bare minimum because the boss told them they had to provide GFE. Heer is much more genuine, and a great kisser!

So I was extremely turned on, Heer probably as well. We shifted to her lying on her front, then finished with missionary.

All the while we were chatting the whole time (except during intercourse). Heer is very chatty and easy to talk to - none of that "how is your day/what do you do for a living?" that is about the extent of many younger wg's conversational range lol.

So yes Heer is a lovely lady, very, very likable!!! Thanks again for a wonderful time Heer <3



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