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Witty title heer

Updated: Jan 6

Took time to go and see Heer and I was first up this morning for one of her now famous massages.

I know there are many reviews for Heer already but she is so worth commenting on.

First time with her and it was something special for sure

All very easy really, she asked if I could arrive early which was fine, the usual before getting underway then we are on the bed chatting and ready for the fun to begin.

It took a while for me to relax into the massage and let her just do her thing without anticipating or thinking about what was going on.

While my last couple of SM have been fine (DND) this was/ is next level.

The sensation/ energy started to flow once I did allow myself to relax, building to a finish that i would describe as a loooong full-body orgasm that went on forever it seemed to a surprise ending.

A bit of a chat, shower.... bit of a chat and I'm on my way.

A happy camper.

Heer is a wonderful lady who gives a fantastic time.

I will catch her when she is back again after her break away.

Mr snuffleupagus


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