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Updated: May 22

Just contributing my small bit to Heer's ever expanding list of sky-high positive reviews haha As everybody on here knows, Heer is famous on Adult Forum, so she really needs no introduction (she currently has 12 PAGES of reviews on AF). However, it is still my first time meeting this amazing woman, and I must say, it is certainly quite different from the (limited) punting experiences I have had in the past few years!

Heer really treats her work very professionally: since it was our first encounter, at the beginning of the session, she asked about my likes and dislikes, whether I have punt before, whether I have read her profile carefully, and gave me a brief idea about what to expect. It was at this point that I joked that this felt more like a job interview rather than a punt lol! But Heer has a very bubbly, warm and good-natured personality and made me felt welcome and comfortable. She is also a very beautiful woman with deep sexy eyes, huge breasts and an extraordinary bum.

Then it was shower time and off we go. It was my first time trying kamasutra and lingham massage, and the experience and pleasure was OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD: the sensations were so unfathomably good, that I didn't even know such massage techniques exist until now! And I have visited a fair number of sensual masseuses. I think all clients should try this type of massage at least once in their lives.

I will leave what happened next to all of your wildest imaginations, but I can say that Heer really enjoys passionate and loving kissing, and when she pulled me in tight towards the end, I must have entered the realm of pure bliss.

I told Heer afterwards that she re-defined what the whole "punting experience" meant for me. I am afraid I won't get easily satisfied with other SWers from now on since she has set the bar too high!

I will say this now: if there is only one Naru for Japanese escorts in Auckland, then there is only one Heer for the Indian equivalent

(Just to be clear, I do not intend to pit SWers against each other or offend anyone; I am simply acknowledging that both wonderful ladies are at the top of their game in this industry)

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