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Heer delivers some good kama

So I was cruising through the available ladies yesterday looking for a massage (as you do), when I noticed Heer was due in town. Now its fair to say I was more horny than hurty, so a visit to Heer was a no brainer.

A quick text ensured I was at the front of the queue, and somehow I got the feeling Heer was equally enthusiastic about the booking. The plot thickened when, usual greetings out of the way, Heer disclosed that she was very excited about showing me some the things she had added to her repertoire. Now who am I to deny her wishes? The hedonist within me decided Heer could do whatever she wanted

What came next was SM on steroids. A real combination of GFE, Lingam, and Kama Sutra, all rolled into one. The ending, when Heer finally allowed it to happen, left me looking like an overturned My Whippy truck.

Heer was clearly in her element, and her own enjoyment was obvious from start to finish. She has become an absolute master of her craft, and derives great satisfaction from delivering pleasures in ways many of us don't know exist.

If you think SM is poor mans FS, think again. This ain't no ordinary R&T were talkin' here!

Hello Sailor


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