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Heer just gets better

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Hi folks,

I recently caught up with this gorgeous little lady a few days ago whilst touring Blenheim. I first met Heer back in 2014 not long after she entered the industry and while she blew me away then as a skilled escort I've really got to say she's used her time in this industry improving her skill set, listening to her clients and has developed an ability for connecting and reading her clients in a way few other ladies can. Her presentation, organization, and above all her professionalism knows few bounds which is probably reflective of her industry awards not only here in NZ but also those Australian awards as well. Every visit with Heer over the years for me has always been like gold and to my mind she's worked hard to garner her very solid industry standing. Take a bow Heer ... you're awesome !

The Vicar


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